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Comics for Monday , June 9 , 2008
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Luprand's notes: If I could, and everything went the way I wanted it to, I'd keep drawing Torio and posting it every Monday until my cold, dead fingers were too stiff to keep holding a pencil and my fans accused me of selling out and not being true to the characters. But I can't. I don't get new ideas for the comics the way I used to, and it's shown in the way I take a week off more and more frequently. Beyond that, school's getting tougher the closer I come to graduation (here's hoping for December), and I've found an internship that's been getting more intense as I realize how many hours I have to make up for it. All of this adds up to Torio being lower and lower on a long list of must-do priorities.

  For my readers: I hate to do this to all three of you. But every week that I can't get a new comic up, I feel like I've left you hanging and disappointed you again. I don't want to do that to everyone. So for now . . . let's figure on a happy ending, one where M'Kystral tames her anger and goes on to be an impassioned speaker who changes the world, Umberto becomes a successful physicist and part-time Flash animator, Crispin gets over his shyness, Rachel finally changes his name, and Trevor graduates, gets his sleep schedule in order, and discovers that his wife is the best roommate of all. That's probably not how it would work out, but we can all dream.

  I'll still be drawing and writing, but probably on a much less frequent basis. If you feel like stopping by my art page, I won't turn you away. It'd be impossible to, frankly. But hey, get out there and go enjoy life. I'll try and do the same.

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