by Simon Shepherd

Jack Sergei!  So who is Jack Sergei, anyhow? Well ... it all started with French class, when I was asked to pick a name for myself. I chose Jacques-Serge, figuring no one else would pick a bizarre name like that. It worked well enough that that stayed my name from French III to French V (my senior year in high school). At that point, I had started muddling with the idea of drawing a comic for the school newspaper, "The Badger ... Pause". It was a cute little strip, following the exploits of Kyle, Joel, and Allison as they putzed their way through high school. It had to be gag-oriented (only one strip per issue means no continuity) and simple (so it could print in any size). Thus Class Act was born.
  "But wait," I thought. "what if I don't want everyone knowing about this comic?" I guess I'm paranoid or something. So I decided to use a pen name. Besides, I just think pen names are cool ... in any case, I took my old French class name, Jacques-Serge, and tweaked it to sound more American, and thus Jack Sergei was born.
  Of course, just for kicks, I occasionally insert Jack into NeTrek as a self-imposed houseguest who just up and added on an underground lab to the studio. You can recognize him from his button-up shirt, his blond hair with wacky bangs, and his reams and reams of "promotional literature".
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If there are no more objections, We'll be taking a nap.