by Simon Shepherd

So you want to know just who these people are? Browse through this handy list of the major
characters and find out less than you need to know.
Kyle   Kyle Straedon is the calm half of the main character duo. Always found in his favorite lucky blue shirt and cargo pants, he tries to make the best of any situation. Although he can be shy at times, he is usually unbothered by the insanity that seems to come with being a high school junior.
Joel   Joel Ward is somewhat more anxious than his classmate and good buddy Kyle. If something seems to be going wrong, he knows that there's nothing undignified about throwing your hands in the air, bugging your eyes out, and running around screaming. As a result, he's somewhat accident-prone.
Allison   Allison Jennings can be a sweetheart when she wants to, but for the most part, she's out to prove that a girl can be assertive, intelligent, and attractive all at the same time. While she's successful in that endeavor, she doesn't always realize quite how often she's hit people upside the head.
Tina   Tina Marquez, unfortunately like most high school girls, is a complete and total glitter addict. While it cannot be directly proven, she is supected to be the cause of a great number of collisions when she stepped onto the practice field and several members of the marching band were stricken blind.
Arlo   Arlo Finesworth is a science freak extraordinaire. After discovering the joys of physical science, he has rarely ventured out of the chemistry lab for longer than a lunch break. He spends most of his time in hot pursuit of the secret of cold fusion. We wouldn't put it past him yet.
Dell & Erin   Dell Haverford and Erin Connor are the junior class' "item". Their hands seem to be fused together from holding together for so long. Curiously enough, if you check around, you'll find that they've never actually been on a date, or for that matter, done anything more than hold hands - they're both quite shy.
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