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Simon's Links. Quick warning: some of these comics contain violence, the occasional cuss-word, innuendoes, or goblin mariachi.
Aldus Maycombe Aldus Maycombe: Not sure entirely what this comic is about yet, but the style is visually scrumptious.
Broccoli Top Broccoli Top: Anime is a pretty awesome lifestyle, isn't it? Jay Burst used to think so, to. Until, that is, he stepped through a very convenient hole in space-time and ended up in a world not quite like our own . . . currently on hiatus.
Finger Quotin' Margo The Comics Curmudgeon: Because you can only take so much of the newspaper funnies without overanalyzing them. Home to Finger Quotin' Margo and Aldomania.
Cortland Cortland: Can a freelance graphic artist survive evil plots, unemployment, RixMUD, and the monotony of Nebraska? . . . maybe he could, if not for that last one.
Cox and Forkum Cox and Forkum: A pair of libertarian political cartoonists. They do their best to skewer the left and the right equally, depending on who's messing up more at the moment.
Elf Only Inn Elf Only Inn: What really goes on in roleplaying chat rooms? Well, besides twinking up your characters, having hot cybersex, and annoying the moderator, that is. Check this comic and find out! It's no longer updating, last I checked, but it's still a fun comic.
The Foxfire Chronicles The Foxfire Chronicles: A group of unintentionally anthropomorphic canids must band together to save the world. Drawn by a friend who's linked and forgiven me much more often than I deserve.
LinT LinT: I have no idea how to describe this, except as hilarious fantasy involving a frustrated elf, a drunken midget dwarf, and any number of other laughable magics. Read it!
Phil Likes Tacos Phil Likes Tacos: They're super effective! The quiet young Happy Tacos employee has a lot on his plate, from an infernal boss to a gamer roommate to the parade of lunatics and half-wits who frequent the restaurant.
Real Life Real Life: From time travel to Beethoven techno remixes, from PAL to the Tony of pure EVIL, from a lone Scottish Claymore to an assortment of fine blades and shurikens, this strip has it all. Read it or the Shirt Ninja will get you.
Sins: Venials Sins - Venials: Drawn by the ever-talented Pip, Venials picks up where the previous Sins comic left off (the originals are in .ZIPs on the site). The best compliment I can give it? Meh.
Six by Nine CollegeSix by Nine College: A werewolf, the Devil, and a vampire survive the rigors of classes at UGH. Watch them deal with elven siblings, Mean ol' Mr. Sun, and the crazy corpse laundering man.

Nathan's Links. I can only hope you enjoy them as much as I have.
Catharsis Catharsis: About a lonely woman and a menagerie of not-so-imaginary friends (a dragon, a gargoyle, a hairless squirrel, a talking sock, a declining population of dust bunnies and a tribe of wild cherries ('ungawa tuk tuk' yourself) have been spotted to date).
Dominic DeeganDominic Deegan, Oracle for Hire: A story about a man who's seen it all. Pun most righteously intended. Expect more of them.
Girl GeniusGirl Genius: A deliciously detailed magical-industrial world inhabited by quirky characters, automatons, Shelley-esque constructs and the occasional airship.
Ozy and MillieOzy and Millie: Charming and witty. Compares favorably with Calvin and Hobbes. My absolute favorite out of all of what might be called 'furry' themed comics.
Saturnalia Saturnalia: A hi grade speculative sci-fi comic that explores the tensions running thick between humans and androids. That and the beat of a smart-ass cop who's been thrown out on his ear by the girlfriend. And the tween they somehow meet.
Schlock MercenarySchlock Mercenary: Being the space-operatic misadventures of an amoral mercenary company. Part hard science, part military humor. Says so on the box. Swear the author keeps Einstein in one lobe and Douglas Adams in the other.
VG Cats VG Cats: 'You are amusing in a what-the-hell-is-wrong-with-you sort of way.' A gaming comic. Except when it isn't. Probably NSFW.
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